Menu for April 4th – 10th


Our Easter is going to be spent on the road, returning from our friends Peter and Erin’s wedding, so we won’t be having a big Easter meal this year.
However, we will be watching the sunrise as we begin our journey home, and plan to have a devotional time to remind us of the incredible Gift of Salvation that rose from the grave.  May the Lord’s blessings be upon each of us and our families.

Our menu this week is liberally spotted with “freezer fruit” – peaches and berries.  I had forgotten about the bags (and bags) of frozen peaches and berries we put up last summer, since they were stashed in our smaller freezer.  So I’m on a mission to see how many I can use before the next crop ripens in a few months.

breakfast: egg & sausage burritos, fruit salad cups
lunch: egg salad sandwiches, veggie sticks
dinner: Cobb salad, breadsticks

breakfast: scrambled eggs, toast, berry gelatin
lunch: tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches
dinner: baked potatoes, broccoli, salad

breakfast: soaked oat porridge, cream, berries
lunch: fried potatoes, green beans, cottage cheese
dinner: baked chicken, cream sauce, spring peas

breakfast: fried eggs over hashbrowns, peaches
lunch: chicken salad sandwiches, pickles
dinner: taco salad

Learning to Garden meeting – taking berry cobbler, raw goat milk
dinner: roasted sausages, beets, creamed spinach, salad

breakfast: spinach omelets, toast
lunch: brown rice pasta w/beets & goat cheese
dinner: roasted butternut squash soup w/ wild rice, rolls, salad

breakfast: brown rice pudding, peaches
lunch: tomato-lentil soup, homemade crackers, salad
dinner: popcorn, fruit

Be sure to join Laura each week for more than 400 other menu plans and recipe ideas!

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