Menu for April 25th – May 1st



breakfast: soaked oat granola, bananas, cream
lunch: chicken & cheddar sandwiches, apples w/yogurt dip
dinner: roast beef, potatoes, creamed spinach, salad
prep: make more soaked oats for granola, start beef stock, shred beef for sandwiches, shred potatoes for hashbrowns

breakfast: fried eggs, green hashbrowns (using l.o. spinach)
am snack: peachy kefir smoothies
lunch: bbq beef sandwiches  (this recipe, made into rolls), carrot sticks w/dip
pm snack: olive spread w/pita triangles
dinner at Papa and Gramma’s – Uncle Wes & Aunt Theresa here
prep: soak flour for cobbler, defrost peaches, defrost lamb chops, soak millet

breakfast: soaked whole wheat peach cobbler, whipped cream
am snack: peanut & coconut crunchies
lunch: olive & cream cheese sandwiches, apples
pm snack: carrot sticks, ranch dip
dinner: roasted lamb chops w/strawberry-rhubarb sauce, millet
prep: make crunchies (school time), soak flour for graham crackers, chop l.o. lamb for gyros

breakfast: omelets w/potatoes, parsley, onions & cream
am snack: frozen berry yogurt pops
lunch: snack platter – deviled eggs, pickles, olives, raw cheese
pm snack: applesauce, graham crackers
dinner: vegetable lasagna, garlic bread (this recipe, made into baguette shapes), salad
prep: hardboil eggs, soak flour for pancakes

breakfast: soaked whole grain pancakes, berry compote, whipped cream
am snack: bananas w/chopped walnut dip
lunch: lamb gyros (using l.o. lamb), pickled beets
pm snack: berry smoothies
dinner: roasted chicken breasts, glazed carrots, spring peas
prep: dehydrate peach puree for roll-ups, make custard (if time)

breakfast: baked eggs & cream, toast
am snack: peach fruit roll-up
lunch: l.o. lasagna, broccoli
pm snack: banana custard, graham crackers
dinner: chicken noodle soup, challah bread (this recipe, modified – I’ll try and post sometime soon), salad
prep: make french toast (using l.o. challah), mix up meatloaf, boil potatoes

breakfast: overnight apple-cinnamon French toast, whipped cream
lunch: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, salad
dinner: popcorn, fruit salad
prep: soak flour for coffee cake, bake cookies for a.m. service

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3 thoughts on “Menu for April 25th – May 1st

  1. I love love love this! I’m going to use your format next week for my menu – its all right there, and I don’t have to go hunting for the scraps with my ideas written on them. Thank you!!

    And the meals sound so good! How do you find your recipes? And does everyone in your family eat the same? My two-year-old is such a picky eater, most nights we end up with hotdogs or something on her plate while my husband and I eat what I had planned. Its so hard! Any advice for getting her past that stage? Thanks!!

    • Hi Sara – thanks for the compliment! I really enjoy doing menu plans, and I think that makes a difference 🙂

      To soak flour, you’re basically using the liquid the recipe calls for and combining it with the flour, adding a little whey or yogurt or buttermilk to help break down the anti-nutrients. Leave that to soak overnight, and then proceed with the recipe the next day. If the recipe you’re using doesn’t have enough liquid to “soak” with (like with cookies), I recommend using a sprouted flour, so you can still avoid the phytates whole grain contain.

      Oatmeal is essentially the same thing – soak the oats (and a little bit of whole wheat flour, to help break down more anti-nutrients) in an acid medium (I use buttermilk, or water + 1 T yogurt) for about 24 hours. Then cook as you usually would. It always cooks faster after it has soaked, so it makes breakfasts much quicker in our hurried mornings.

      If you’d like a really nice break-down of the specific why’s and how’s, check out Lindsay, from Passionate Homemaking‘s post.

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