Titus 2 Thursday: When Women Argue with the Potter

This morning’s post was written by Jess.  She is a blessed wife, and mom to four neat people 7 & under. Lord willing, that will change to five neat people 8 & under in July. Disciple of Jesus. Learner. Expat. Homeschool teacher. Recovering feminist.  She is a sinner through and through and yet her desire is to be influenced by Christ and His precious Word rather than the culture of this world.  She blogs at Making Home.

In several places in the Bible, we are reminded that God is the Potter and we are like clay in His hands. Romans 9 is one of those places– it speaks of God’s sovereignty as the Creator- and how He crafts certain “pots” (that would be us) for honorable use and some for common use.

Growing up, I struggled so much with how I was made… competitive, outspoken, opinionated, and strong-willed. In my mind, I was built more for the debate team than for home-ec. Built more to be the leader than to follow. Built more for greatness & achievement (I thought) in political office than for the quietly serving my family in the home. When I was in college, this all came to a head, and I found myself asking God, “WHY DID YOU MAKE ME THIS WAY?!?!?!?!? Why didn’t you make me a man? Why do you tell me to ‘keep a quiet heart’, and to ‘submit’?”

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3 thoughts on “Titus 2 Thursday: When Women Argue with the Potter

  1. I understand the need to submit “one to another” as the verse states, but I am concerned about the blasting of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Perhaps God brought this obstacle into her life, in order that she would indeed “lead” women to a time, and place where we would have the right to vote. I am a woman who does appreciate that “freedom.” God has made us all with a purpose today. I don’t think you’re being “politically incorrect” just don’t throw the baby out with the bath water! 🙂

    • Hi Auntie –
      I agree that there was much that the beginnings of the “feminist” movement did right… I would be interested to know what documentary Jess was referencing, although I really do feel that the pendulum Stanton began has swung wildly in an unGodly direction in our days.

      Love you!

  2. Just want to say what a great blog you have!
    I’ve been lurking for a while – I love your style, and I wish you would post more recipes! They look good!

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