Menu for August 8th – 14th

Another week, flying past!
I know it’s a cliche to say the older you get the faster time seems to move,
But it does.
Thankfully, I’m old enough now to not remember what it was I was planning to do anyway…

Here’s this week’s menu –
my parents and sister are out of town, so we might actually do an entire week without anyone extra at our table! 🙂
(Not that I mind, food-wise, but my table barely seats 4 comfortably… 😉 )

breakfast: soaked whole grain pancakes w/blueberries, raw whipped cream
Dim Sum with Grampa and Nana
dinner: brown rice pasta w/spinach & fresh tomatoes

breakfast: soaked whole grain granola, apples, raw milk
am snack: dried cherries, walnuts
lunch: sandwiches while shopping
pm snack: grapes, brie cheese
dinner: wine marinated pot roast w/potatoes, green salad

breakfast: soaked whole wheat puffed pancake, applesauce, raw whipped cream
am snack: grapes, almonds
lunch: grilled cheese sandwiches, purple sauerkraut
pm snack: peach kefir popsicles
dinner: ceviche tacos, cortido, salad

breakfast: fried potatoes, bacon, eggs
am snack: peanut butter & bananas
lunch: cheese quesadillas w/ l.o. ceviche
pm snack: apples w/yogurt dip
dinner: beef pot pie, salad

breakfast: peach smoothies, toast
am snack: crispy nut mix
lunch & snack at Miss Nonnie’s for Swim Day!
dinner: fish and rice casserole, salad

breakfast: baked eggs w/spinach & feta
am snack: apples w/peanut butter
lunch: pita sandwiches
pm snack: grapes & melon slices
dinner: tomato soup w/whole wheat cheese bread

breakfast: molasses baked oatmeal, raw whipped cream
lunch: meatloaf, potatoes, salad
dinner: popcorn, fruit salad

Be sure to join Laura for more than 400 new menu plans each week!


2 thoughts on “Menu for August 8th – 14th

  1. I LOVE your menus! I’m so glad you started posting them again – I was missing them! I noticed some weeks you have snacks and others you don’t. Is there a reason?

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