Menu for September 12th – 18th

We’re still fighting the remnants of a cold bug… I wasn’t expecting it to hit us until a little bit later in the season, and I wasn’t prepared! I just started a batch of cold syrup, and in the meantime, we’ve been making do with a quick batch of elderberry syrup I mixed up, as well as a good deal of horehound and ginger tea.

We have a meeting Monday for our local Nourishing Traditions Mommy’s Group, Nourishing Connections.  We’re doing a harvest exchange, where all of us bring anything “extra” we have from our gardens.  Since my garden is on its last leg, I’m making some goat cheese to share (since that’s about the only thing we have surplus of these days), and I’m going to try out my soaked gingerbread recipe from last year – I hope everyone likes it as much as we do! 🙂

Here’s the menu for this week:


breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, toast
lunch: quinoa salad, mashed potatoes
dinner: brown rice spaghetti, cheesy butternut squash

breakfast: soaked oatmeal, fruit salad, cream
Nourishing Connections meeting: taking goat cheese & gingerbread
pm snack: lemonade smoothies
dinner: roasted sausages, stuffed peppers

breakfast: custard French toast, fresh peaches
am snack: apples w/cream cheese dip
lunch: brown rice pasta bake, broccoli
pm snack: peanut cookies, raw milk
dinner: polenta, fresh tomato basil sauce, salad

breakfast: gingerbread, apples, whipped raw cream
am snack: peaches, cottage cheese
lunch: meat stir-fry w/rice
pm snack: crispy nut trail mix
dinner: cabbage rolls, pickled beets, salad

breakfast: fried cornmeal, peach chutney, raw cream
am snack: pineapple kombucha
lunch: calzones, salad
pm snack: applesauce, raw cream
dinner: baked potatoes + fixings, salad

breakfast: fried potatoes, eggs, bacon
am snack: gingerbread, raw milk
lunch: BLT’s
pm snack: celery w/homemade peanut butter
dinner: black bean soup, cornbread muffins, salad

breakfast: baked apple oatmeal, raw cream
lunch: lasagna, green beans, salad
dinner: popcorn, raw cheese, fruit

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