Menu for the week of October 3rd – 9th

Our wedding anniversary is this Thursday, and Brian and I will be taking a much needed trip to Lake Tahoe at the end of the week,
leaving all three children with my family.  I’m slightly worried, since this will be my first time leaving a nursing baby – I was not able to nurse the boys past their 7 month mark, and Elizabeth is already over 9 months, and I am anxious to continue our nourishing relationship for many more months!

Our menu is still indulging in some of my autumn favorites… I’m still waiting for the weather to remember it’s fall – we’re supposed to be in the upper 80’s again!

breakfast: soaked whole wheat cream cheese biscuits w/raisins, raw milkshakes
lunch: brown rice pasta, meat sauce, salad
dinner: fish patties, buttered carrots, salad

breakfast: l/o bread pudding w/raw whipped cream
am snack: crispy walnuts, cranberries, raw cheese
lunch: fish tacos (using l/o patties), cortido
pm snack: yogurt w/berries
dinner: baked squash, millet-quinoa pilaf, salad

breakfast: squash pudding, cinnamon bread toast
am snack: applesauce, raw cream
lunch: goat cheese & roasted beet salad
pm snack: popcorn balls w/cranberries
dinner: lasagna, green beans, salad

breakfast: french toast (using l/o cinnamon bread)
am snack: harvest trail mix
lunch: roasted sausages, creamed greens, salad
pm snack: goat cheese w/sprouted crackers
dinner: beef potpie w/vegetables, salad

breakfast: omeletes w/l.o. sausage & greens, toast
am snack: l.o. pumpkin pudding
lunch: l.o. pot pie
pm snack: applesauce, raw cream
dinner: roasted duck w/potatoes and cherries, salad

Friday, Sabbath, Sunday
Daddy and Moma’s trip to Lake Tahoe!

Be sure to join Laura for more than 300 new menu plans each week!


2 thoughts on “Menu for the week of October 3rd – 9th

  1. These menus look great, Meg. Where do you get all your ideas from?? I have a hard time just figuring out what to have for dinner each day!

    • Hi Denise –
      I have 3-4 cookbooks that I browse thru when I need ideas, but I mostly just try to stick to things I “know” my family will like, and that I know how to cook! It’s not often I have extra time to experiment in the kitchen, so I really strive to do what I know. 🙂 Check out the Real Food Media blogs – there are so many people out there that are working towards a healthier diet, too. They are always great for some inspiration. 🙂

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