Menu for November 14th – 20th


It’s going to be a busy week – Brian has a trip to Los Angeles scheduled, as well as a class I’m teaching,
and the added blessing of Brian’s sister’s wedding this Saturday.

I’m also saving quite a bit from our food budget these next few weeks to make my bulk purchases –
beans, rice, wheat, and oatmeal are on the list, and I am so thankful for the provision God has given us.

breakfast: sourdough spice cake, whipped raw cream
lunch: vegetable stew w/beef stock, soaked whole wheat biscuits
dinner: bolani, salad

breakfast: persimmon pudding, cinnamon toast
am snack: apples, walnuts
lunch: lentil & rice casserole, mixed vegetables
pm snack: homemade pretzels, raw cheese
dinner: vegetable burgers, salad

breakfast: soaked whole wheat biscuits, gravy, sausage
am snack: applesauce, raw cream
lunch: veggie burritos, carrot sticks, cortido
pm snack: l.o. persimmon pudding
dinner: bean soup, whole wheat rolls, salad

breakfast: soaked cornmeal porridge, sweet raisin chutney, raw cream
am snack: homemade pretzels, mustard
lunch: l.o. bean soup, sausage rolls
pm snack: dried apples & raisins
dinner: roasted chicken, creamed spinach, pickled beets

breakfast: fried eggs & potatoes
am snack: fuyu persimmons, crispy walnuts
lunch: chicken salad sandwiches, carrot sticks
pm snack: tangerines, dried cranberries
dinner: roasted sweet potatoes, braised kale, salad

breakfast: baked persimmons w/nuts & cream, cinnamon toast
am snack: apples, raw cheese
lunch: cheesy brown rice casserole, mixed vegetables
pm snack: applesauce, raw cream
dinner at Parsonage Open House

breakfast: sourdoughnuts, cream pudding
lunch at Josh & Beth’s wedding
dinner: popcorn, fruit salad

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2 thoughts on “Menu for November 14th – 20th

  1. I have recently found your blog and I just love your menu plans! I have a hard time with menu plans for some reason. I was wondering, though, if you have any tips to getting a finicky near-17 month old to eat a wider variety of foods. 🙂 Some of your menu items just sound wonderful, but I don’t know if I can get Victoria to eat any of it. She lives on PB&J, cheese sandwiches, and mac & cheese and sometimes hashbrowns. Pretty much anything else she turns her nose up at.

    Lovely blog!

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