Menu for November 28th – December 4th

It’s the first week of Advent, and we’re so excited to begin our journey to the celebration of our Savior’s birth.
Our family has been planning Advent activities for the last few months,
and the boys are particularly excited to begin.
(There are burning candles involved, and they ARE little boys! 😉 )

Here’s our menu for the week!

breakfast: french toast (using l.o. bread pudding), raw whipped cream
lunch at Maple House
dinner: turkey salad sandwiches, saurkraut

breakfast: soaked oats w/cranberries, walnuts & cream
am snack: cranberry gelatin cups
lunch: l.o. soup, rolls
pm snack: raw cheese, apples
dinner: shepherd’s pie, pickled beets, salad

breakfast: scrambled egg sandwiches, sauerkraut
am snack: harvest trail mix
lunch: macaroni & cheese (use l.o. stuffing for topping), green beans
pm snack: cranapple sauce w/cream
dinner: lamb shanks, coos-coos, salad

breakfast: soaked oats w/cranberries, crispy pecans, raw cream
am snack: pears, crispy walnuts
lunch: roasted squash, l.o. coos-coos
pm snack: raw cheese, dried cranberries
dinner at Advent Suppers

breakfast: yogurt parfaits w/bananas & crispy walnuts
am snack: harvest trail mix
lunch: l.o. macaroni & cheese, salad
pm snack: sourdough crackers, goat cheese
dinner: sauteed apples & onions, sausages, salad

breakfast: omelets w/sausage & onions, sourdough toast
am snack: walnut cookies (NT recipe)
lunch: sprout sandwiches, lacto-ferm. carrots
pm snack: pears, raw cheese
dinner: lamb stew w/kale, sourdough rolls, salad

breakfast: pumpkin bread, yogurt
lunch: eggplant parmesan, green beans, salad
dinner: popcorn, winter fruit salad

Be sure to join Laura for more than 300 new menu plans each week!

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