Menu for December 12th – 18th

We have a busy season beginning! Not only is our local chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation holding a Holiday Party today, but we’re also gearing up for family holidays, church celebrations, and sharing the blessings our Savior has so generously given us.

Here is our week’s menu:

breakfast: French toast, bacon
lunch at WAPF Holiday Party – taking Beef Wellington, egg nog, apple cider, and ale)
dinner: nachos, l.o. taco soup

breakfast: omelets w/bacon & cheese
am snack: pears, raw cheese
lunch: roast beef sandwiches, sauerkraut
pm snack: carrot sticks, ranch dip
dinner: braised lamb shanks, brown rice pilaf, salad

breakfast: soaked oats w/blackberries & cream
am snack: persimmons, crispy walnuts
lunch: vegetable fried rice, lacto-ferm. carrots
pm snack: apple & pear salad w/whipped cream
dinner: bacon-wrapped steak, green beans, salad

breakfast: scrambled eggs, sourdough toast
am snack: fruit muffins (use l.o. apples and pears)
lunch: borsht, sourdough crackers, soured raw cream
pm snack: lacto-ferm. carrots & beets
dinner at Advent Supper

breakfast: yogurt parfaits w/nuts, cranberries, coconut
am snack: crispy pecans, home-canned peaches
lunch: red lentil soup, salty crackers
pm snack: vanilla pudding
dinner: butternut squash, beef patties, salad

breakfast: soaked oats w/cranberries, crispy pecans, cream
am snack: fruit muffins
lunch: l.o. patties in pita w/sprouts
pm snack: persimmons, raisins
dinner: squash soup, rolls, salad

breakfast: gingerbread, cream pudding
lunch at Kerman Christmas program
dinner: popcorn, fruit

Be sure to join Laura for more than 300 new menu plans each week!

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