Hampton Creek Inn – A Getaway Giveaway!

Michele from Frugal Granola and her husband Cal recently opened a lovely bed and breakfast in the Pacific Northwest…
Now you have the opportunity to win a 2 night stay!

Imagine sinking into a deep bath, savoring the natural light fragrance of an herbal soap, and allowing God to speak to your heart in quietness or cherishing a special moment with your husband….

Sipping a cup of flavorful organic tea, hand-blended with local ingredients, and a freshly-baked cinnamon muffin, served on your breakfast-in-bed tray…

Snuggling into warm blankets and fluffy pillows…

Sounds great, right?! 🙂

Check out the details here, and do it soon! The giveaway ends January 24th!


5 thoughts on “Hampton Creek Inn – A Getaway Giveaway!

  1. Here is my Grand Opening Getaway Contest comment: My choice would be to stay in the Mossy Knoll Room and to try the cinnamon oat waffles with lemon curd in the morning!

  2. A friend sent me your site and I just spent an hour browsing! I love your posts, Meg! Its really funny how much our personalities can come through, even online. God’s blessings to your family! I wish I had found it earlier so I could have signed up for this giveaway. My husband and I love to stay at bed-and-breakfasts when we travel!

    • I’m so glad you stopped by, Freida! I would still highly recommend taking a look at Michele’s bed and breakfast if you’re ever in their area! Blessings!


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