Menu for January 23rd – 29th

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Our family is so blessed.
Not only are we blessed to have goats to provide all our dairy needs,
but now we have been able to trade our excess with others to meet virtually all our other food needs!

Thank You, Lord!

As such, we have an exorbitant amount of produce in this week’s menu
(have I mentioned how blessed we are – to live in an area where there is still abundance in the deep of winter?!)
and will likely continue to be exorbitant for many weeks. 🙂



breakfast: fried egg sandwiches, tangerines
lunch out after church
dinner: braised lamb shanks, home-ground polenta, broccoli

breakfast: soaked oats with local walnuts & honey, persimmons
am snack at Nourishing Connections meeting – taking raw goat milk yogurt, fig & thyme honey preserves
lunch: potato and swiss chard soup, onion rolls
pm snack: dried apple rings, home-dried raisins
dinner: tacos w/grass-fed beef, sprouted pinto beans, raw goat cheese, cortido, arugula

breakfast: huevos rancheros (homemade lacto-ferm. salsa, pastured eggs, raw goat cheese), homemade corn tortillas
am snack: tangerines, crispy pecans
lunch: tuna melts, lacto-ferm. carrot sticks
pm snack: oatmeal-raisin cookies (with home dried raisins & soaked oats)
dinner: roasted chicken w/garlic, creamed kale, salad

breakfast: soaked cornmeal cereal, lacto-ferm. sweet chutney
am snack: persimmon jello w/cream
lunch: chicken sandwiches w/arugula & herbed goat chese
pm snack: blackberry & peach smoothies (raw goat milk kefir with homegrown fruit from the freezer!)
dinner: roasted butternut squash, chicken sausages, steamed swiss chard

breakfast: soaked oats w/blackberries (from freezer) & raw cream
am snack: dried persimmons, crispy walnuts
lunch: egg salad sandwiches (pastured eggs, homemade mayo, and lacto-ferm. pickle relish), lacto-ferm. carrot sticks
pm snack: popcorn (popped in coconut oil w/raw butter)
dinner: tusan cornbread (with home-dried rosemary, home-ground cornmeal, raw goat milk yogurt), bacon-wrapped brussel sprout, salad

breakfast: eggs florentine (modified to use l.o. cornbread and chard)
am snack: tangerines, home-dried raisins
lunch:  salmon patties, steamed broccoli,
pm snack:  apples, crispy walnuts
dinner: corn chowder (homegrown corn from freezer), cheese biscuits, salad

breakfast: banana french toast, bacon
lunch at Sienna’s birthday party!
dinner: snack platter – cold cuts, raw cheese, apples

Be sure to join Laura for more than 300 new menu plans each week!

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