Menu for February 27th – March 5th



breakfast: fried egg sandwiches, tangerine & kiwi salad
lunch at Maple House for Grampa Jack’s birthday!
dinner: beef & vegetable pasties, steamed greens

breakfast: French toast, home-canned peaches, whipped raw cream
am snack: dried cherries, crispy walnuts
lunch at Nourishing Connections meeting
pm snack: dried apple pudding
dinner: brown rice pasta, rich tomato sauce, salad

breakfast at Aunt Johanna’s house
am snack: apple slices, peanut butter
lunch: pasta bake, broccoli
pm snack: kiwi & tangerine salad
dinner: roasted chicken w/potatoes & beets, steamed broccoli

breakfast: soaked oats w/home-canned peaches, crispy pecans, raw cream
am snack: dried fruit and nut mix
lunch: beef and mushroom stew, sourdough crackers
pm snack at Farmer’s Market
dinner: roasted sausages, buttered cabbage, lacto-ferm. beets

breakfast: omelets w/sausage & cheese, sourdough toast
am snack: tangerines, crispy walnuts
lunch: baked brown rice, l.o. cabbage
pm snack: dried apple pudding
dinner: salmon patties, roasted potatoes, salad

breakfast: eggs benedict w/ l.o. salmon patties
am snack: raw milk yogurt, dried blueberries
lunch: salmon & potato bake, steamed broccoli
pm snack : raw cheese, sourdough crackers
dinner: vegetable soup, whole wheat rolls, salad

breakfast: oatmeal scones, raw milk yogurt
lunch at The Farm for Aunt Johanna’s birthday!
dinner: popcorn, fruit salad



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