Menu for April 4th – 10th

Aaaannnnd…. we’re back on track. 🙂
Sorry for the last week or so – my computer + internet have been challenging, to say the least.

We are excited to have our friends Peter, Erin, and their sweet little boy Carsten staying this week!  We’re going to try and do a play day at the park at some point, and I’m also teaching a class on stockmaking this Monday thru our WAPF chapter.

Here’s this week’s menu!

breakfast: fried egg sandwiches, fruit salad
lunch: enchilada casserole, salad
dinner: snack platter – raw cheese, flat bread, cold cuts, fruit

[WAPF Stockmaking Class]
breakfast: soaked oats w/blackberries & raw cream
am snack: tangerines, crispy walnuts
lunch: salmon toasts, lacto-ferm. pickles
pm snack: graham crackers, cinnamon cream cheese
dinner: crockpot short ribs, cheesy polenta, broccoli, salad

breakfast: polenta triangles, sausages
am snack: apple slices, peanut butter
lunch at Aunt Johanna’s
pm snack: popsicles!
dinner: lasagna, salad, garlic bread

breakfast: scrambled eggs, garlic toast
am snack & lunch: at the Park!
(sandwiches, trail mix, yogurt)
pm snack: at the Farmer’s Market
dinner at Lenten Soup Supper & Service

breakfast: soaked oats w/homecanned peaches & raw cream
am snack: dried apples, raw cheese
lunch: calzones w/sausage, cheese, & spinach; salad
pm snack: fruit pudding
dinner: pizza, salad

breakfast: fried eggs, hashbrowns, tangerines
am snack: applesauce, graham crackers
lunch: tuna salad sandwiches, lacto-ferm. carrots
pm snack: dilled flatbread, raw chevre cheese
dinner: fish chowder, salted biscuits, salad

breakfast: overnight cinnamon french toast
lunch at KSDA for potluck
dinner: popcorn, fruit salad

Be sure to join Laura for more than 300 new menu plans each week!

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