Menu for April 10th – 16th

It really feels like Spring around here lately! We’re working hard on getting our garden space ready, and our little seeds are starting to pop up and look lively in their trays!  I’m going to try and post some pictures soon. 🙂

We’re excited to have my cousin (otherwise known as the Awesome Auntie Joy) come to visit us at the end of this week.  The boys have been counting down the days til she comes, and have all KINDS of fun planned out for her. 🙂

breakfast: egg scramble w/salmon, dill, potatoes, sour cream
lunch: steak tacos w/cortido & sour cream
dinner: bacon wrapped asparagus, ravioli, salad

breakfast: soaked oats w/applesauce, raw cream
am snack & lunch at Nourishing Connections meeting
[taking berry cobbler & raw milk]
pm snack: sweet peas, kefir ranch dip
dinner: pot roast, sauteed kale, salad

breakfast: french toast, sauteed apples, raw whipped cream
am snack: sourdough flatbread, dilled raw cream cheese
lunch: roast beef sandwiches, lacto-ferm. pickles
pm snack: blackberry gelatin w/raw whipped cream
dinner: salmon patties, brown rice pilaf, broccoli

breakfast: omelets w/salmon & cheese
am snack: tangerines, raisins
lunch: salmon salad sandwiches, lacto-ferm. carrots
pm snack at Farmer’s Market
dinner at Lenten Soup Supper & Service

breakfast: fried rice & eggs
am snack: sweet peas, ranch kefir dip
lunch: l.o. soup, flatbread, sauerkraut
pm snack: kale chips, raw cheese
dinner: cheesy potatoes, sausages, salad

breakfast: biscuits & sausage gravy, chutney
am snack: tangerines
lunch: sausage & potato pancakes, fresh peas w/ butter
pm snack: oatmeal cookies, raw milk
dinner: rice & beef soup, ww crackers, salad

breakfast: breakfast burritos w/chorizo, eggs, cortido & sour cream
lunch at KSDA for Potluck
dinner: popcorn, fruit, raw cheese

Be sure to join Laura for more than 300 new menu plans each week!

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