Menu for April 17th – 23rd

It’s like a whole week of vacation!
My cousin (the Awesome Auntie Joy) is here to visit for the week, and so we are taking the week off from school to throughly enjoy our time with her.
[The boys are incredibly excited… about no school AND Auntie Joy! ;-)]

We’re going to go to the Zoo while she is here, and I am teaching a class on Traditional Breadmaking on Monday through our WAPF chapter, so it’s going to be a busy start to the week!

We are remembering our Lord’s suffering on Good Friday this year by sharing in a [modified] seder meal at my sister’s home. I’m hoping to post some pictures of that later next week.

breakfast: peach cobbler w/homecanned peaches, raw cream & masa flour, raw whipped cream
lunch out after church
dinner: chili w/grass-fed beef, sprouted beans, beef stock, & raw cheese; soaked cornbread (recipe coming soon) w/masa & ww flour; salad

[WAPF Breadmaking Class]
breakfast: soaked oatmeal w/homecanned peaches, crispy walnuts & raw cream
am snack: dried apples, raw cheese
lunch: fried cornbread, beef sausages, broccoli
pm snack: kefir smoothies w/blackberries (use l.o. for popsicles)
dinner: chili rice casserole, grilled chicken, salad

breakfast: blackberries & raw cream, ww toast w/peanut butter
am snack: sweet peas, kefir cheese dip
lunch at Charlotte’s Bakery after the Zoo!
pm snack: oranges, home-grown/dried raisins
dinner: corned beef (NT recipe), mashed potatoes & butter, salad

breakfast: scrambled eggs w/cheese, sourdough toast
am snack: dried fruit & crispy nut mix
lunch: macaroni & cheese w/brown rice noodles, raw cheese & cream, broccoli
pm snack at Farmer’s Market
dinner: chili topped baked potatoes (use l.o. from Sunday), salad]

breakfast: strawberry custard, biscuits
am snack: applesauce, raw cream
lunch: fried potatoes & liverwurst, kale chips
pm snack: sweet peas, raw cheese
dinner: pizza w/homegrown/canned tomato sauce, fresh goat cheese, sausage (use l.o. from Monday), salad
[Maundy Thursday service]

breakfast: soaked oatmeal w/dried apples, raisins & raw cream
am snack: kefir popsicles
lunch: peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, tangerines
pm snack: yogurt w/raisins & honey
Good Friday seder at the Jessen Ranch
(taking roasted lamb, challah & apple kugel)

breakfast: cinnamon rolls w/honey, crispy pecans & cream cheese frosting
Sabbath lunch at the Farm
dinner: popcorn, fruit, raw cheese

Be sure to join Laura for more than 300 new menu plans each week!

One thought on “Menu for April 17th – 23rd

  1. I always love to check your blog and see what you have planned, Meg! Everything sounds wonderful! Have you ever thought of doing the menu planning service?

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