Menu for June 26th – July 2nd

breakfast: quiche w/bacon, zucchini, cheese
lunch: out to eat
dinner: snack platter w/fruit, cheese, meat

breakfast: oatmeal w/peach & berry compote
lunch: tuna salad sandwiches, pickles
dinner: roasted chicken w/garlic & herbs, green beans, salad

breakfast: scrambled eggs, sourdough toast
lunch: pasta w/summer sauce
dinner: short ribs w/mushroom polenta, salad

breakfast: pancakes w/applesauce & blackberries
lunch: l.o. polenta, green beans
dinner: smothered chicken, roasted okra, salad

breakfast: fried polenta, hard-boiled eggs
lunch: eggs salad sandwiches, pickles
dinner: baked potatoes w/sour cream gravy, green beans

breakfast: oatmeal w/peaches & walnuts
lunch: potatoes au gratin, sprout salad
dinner: minestrone, sourdough bread, salad

breakfast: baked French toast, fruit
lunch: grilled chicken, rice pilaf, green beans
dinner: popcorn, fruit salad


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