Menu for September 4th – 10th

This is our first week of “school” here at our home.  Our oldest is beginning Kindergarten! I shamelessly admit I’m glad I don’t have to put him on a bus – I don’t think I could stand it!  I’ll be sharing some of the ideas and reasons behind why we choose to teach our children at home later this month.  I’m also sharing at Keeper of the Home this week on harvesting herbs, so check back for an update.

We’re also going to be heading to Southern California for the weekend, for my cousin Rachel’s wedding – Island theme! 😉  Looking forward to a beautiful time!

breakfast: applesauce cake, yogurt
lunch: beef pot pie, salad
dinner:  roasted chicken w/sage & onion, rice pilaf, salad

breakfast: pancakes w/peaches & whipped raw cream
lunch out for Labor Day
dinner: baked potatoes w/italian beef & sour cream, peas (from freezer)

!!FiRsT DaY oF ScHoOl!!
breakfast: fried eggs & potatoes, sauerkraut
lunch: pasta bake, green beans
dinner: tacos w/shredded chicken & gaucamole

breakfast: creamy soaked wheat cereal w/bananas & crispy walnuts
lunch: liverwurst sandwiches, pickles
dinner: roasted sausages w/cabbage, buttered carrots

breakfast: sausage scramble
lunch: quesadillas w/chicken, guacamole, sour cream
dinner: stir-fry vegetables w/rice

breakfast: omelets w/avocado, cheese & salsa
lunch on the road to Rachel & Teoti’s wedding!
dinner at the wedding!

breakfast with Uncle Joe & Aunt Cheryl in Oceanside
lunch on the road… we’re hitting some California Missions on the way back!
dinner: pizza, salad


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