Menu for September 11th – 17th

We had a brief respite from the heat for a few days – it even rained! 🙂  It’s difficult to enjoy cool, rainy weather though, when some of our family has their raisin crop out to dry! Thankfully, it seems to just settle the dust and clear the air – not do any permanent damage!

We’re enjoying the freezer full of lamb – I had forgotten what a joy cooking is when you have the basis for a meal just a thaw away! 🙂

breakfast: fruit muffins, yogurt
lunch: spaghetti w/meat sauce, green beans
dinner: lamb stew, salad

breakfast: cornmeal porridge w/raisins & butter
am snack: carrot sticks w/cultured ranch dip
lunch: tostados w/refried beans, raw cheese, sour cream & romaine
pm snack: watermelon, trail mix
dinner: pizza, salad

breakfast: soaked oats w/peaches, cream & crispy walnuts
am snack: applesauce, sprouted raisin toast
lunch: tuna salad sandwiches, pickles
pm snack: oatmeal cookies, raw milk
dinner: shepherd’s pie, salad

breakfast: scrambled eggs & spinach, toast
am snack: watermelon, raw cheese cubes
lunch: lamb sliders w/pickled beet salad
pm snack: apple slices, peanut butter
dinner: jambalaya, green beans

breakfast: biscuits & gravy, apples
am snack: peaches w/crispy walnuts
lunch: l.o. jambalaya & green beans
pm snack: yogurt w/coconut & berries
dinner: corned beef roast, cabbage

breakfast: corned beef hash, fried eggs
am snack: sourdough crackers, raw cheese
lunch: Rueben sandwiches, pickles
pm snack: fruit salad w/cream
dinner: black bean soup, corn muffins, salad

breakfast: baked oatmeal w/fruit & cream
lunch at Scottish Games
dinner: popcorn, fruit

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