New for the Season: A Very Berry Hibiscus herbal blend

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and I am happy to share this wonderful herbal blend with you!
We started with a wonderful organic black tea, and added hibiscus, rose hips, and elderberries to give your immune system a boost!
This tea has sweet, tart undertones that lift your spirit and cheer you through the winter.

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New for the season: Autumn’s Fall herbal blend

It’s the season of Autumn here, and whether the weather is cooperating in your area (or not, as such is the case here),
I love the reminder that the cool days of Autumn are nearly upon us.
Just in time for those crisp nights is our new seasonal herbal blend:

Autumn’s Fall: a delightfully crisp blend of apple, cinnamon, and ginger with an immune boost from echinacea root.

Order today! Cost is $6.00 per ounce, with free shipping for orders over $24.

Check out all the other blends we have available as well – custom blends are always welcome.

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Hidden Pathways to Healing – Herbal Detox

Out with the Old, In with the New

WHY should we detoxify our bodies?

  • Eliminate toxins that have accumulated in our bodies
  • Prepare our bodies for childbearing
  • Increase our mental clarity
  • Define a potential allergen/allergic response

WHEN should we detoxify our bodies?

  • After an illness, or using medications
  • 1-3 months before trying to conceive
  • After consuming excessive amounts of unhealthy foods & drinks

HOW should we detoxify our bodies?

Herbally, of course! 🙂

Dandelion – both the roots and the leaves are wonderful for a gentle cleansing. Well known as a diuretic, Dandelion has been used to flush the system or to help women lose weight. It has a pronounced effect on edema and will reduce fluid retention rapidly. The root of this plant is also an antioxidant and is rich in Vitamin A. It will help repair damage done to the liver and to the body system. If you are recovering from liver disease, bladder or kidney troubles, edema, and endometriosis or are battling high blood pressure, this little flower will help you overcome it all. Cleanse the body and regain your balance with Dandelion root. Just look around the neighborhood or even in your own yard. Somebody has a Dandelion growing there (make sure they don’t use pesticides or other poisons!). Yank it up and use the root. You can grow it easily, too. 😉 One of God’s little gifts to us – enjoy it.  Cara also has a great post about using dandelion for helping cleanse her young daughter’s liver.  Take a look!

Burdock – This is a well-known detoxifying herb that has demonstrated anti-tumor effects in animal studies. It also acts as an anti-mutagen. It is highly useful in cancer treatment and recovery. Traditional Chinese medicine uses this herb as a blood purifier. It stimulates the flow of bile from the liver and facilitates the digestive processes. If you are taking chemotherapy, radiation or are recovering from cancer treatments, this is the herb for you. Burdock tea will help with the nausea, loss of appetite and inflammation that follows treatment for cancer.

Red Clover – One of my favorite herbs for gently cleansing! Traditionally used for the symptoms of menopause, however, another great use has arisen for this herb. Daily doses of red clover tea will help reduce the symptoms from steroids, radiation, or chemotherapy. So if you’re recovering from cancer or enduring radiation or chemotherapy, then this drug will help you handle it. It will also help rid the body of steroids so if you have been using them to treat asthma or another illness, then this herb will help your body recover. It also has mild blood-thinning capabilities, making it useful as a preventative for arteriosclerosis and high cholesterol.

Milk Thistle – Another potent, protective detoxifying herb that travels directly to the liver cells to form protein to start cell renewal.It prevents toxic build up and can protect the liver cells from damage. This wonderful thistle has the amazing ability to reverse liver damage caused by jaundice, drug and alcohol abuse. Milk thistle protects the liver from toxins and drugs and helps rebuild liver health. It has an amazing ability to prevent the build up of plaque in the arteries which causes hardening of the arteries or arteriosclerosis. It also protects the kidneys and helps those with skin problems. It contains the vitamins A, B-complex,and C along with minerals, including iron and other minerals in trace amounts.

Gingko – This herb is commonly used to boost energy and memory. It works great for this. But there are other, detoxifying uses for this herb. It is an antioxidant that enhances heart efficiency. It will increase blood supply to the extremities and has a tonic effect on blood vessels. If you are recovering from a heart attack or stroke you can regenerate and detoxify your blood with Gingko. It literally keeps platelets from sticking together. Gingko will cleanse and tone the arteries and make them move the blood faster. It is also an excellent cleanser for people who have plaque on their arteries. It is a proven blood tonic and overall detoxifier.

Goldenrod picture.

Goldenrod – This fantastic herb is really useful in cleaning out the urinary system. Most effective on the bladder, this herb is one of the most effective methods of increasing urine and inhibiting bacteria at the same time. Many detox programs require the use of diuretics to rid the body of excess fluid. If you are recovering from bladder or kidney disease, edema caused by other disorders, stroke from high blood pressure, obesity or kidney problems, this herb will get the water out of your system efficiently. You will not get cystitis or bladder infections from using it, either. If you are suffering with spasms or inflammation as the result of bladder or kidney disorders, this herb will cleanse your system and stop the pain. It is highly effective in ridding the body of excess fluid.

SUPPORT during a detoxification process:

  • SLEEP. One of the most neglected recovery options we can take!  If you have trouble sleeping, or falling asleep, there are many herbs that are easy, safe and very effective!  There are some great ideas here, too.
    (I have two blends available – Chamomile Calme, or Evening Blessings, and you can read more at my post at Keeper of the Home.
  • Nourishing Foods. Another easy option, changing the food we eat both during and after a detoxification greatly increases our chance of having a healthy recovery.  Bone broths, cultured dairy, and lacto-fermented foods all add a huge boost of nutrition – something our bodies need to rebuild the right way!
  • GAPS diet. A strict diet regimen that uses a limited introduction of foods (while keeping a highly nourishing food base) to analyze food allergies and reactions.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

There are fantastic, licensed herbalists out there – I am not one of them. Please take the advice of your doctor, or health practitioner into account before using ANY of these preparations.