Children’s Schedule


I had several emails after posting my schedule, asking what our chidren’s days look like.  Here’s their schedule.  There are little things that are changed each day, but for the most part, this is how their days flow.

Daily Schedule
6:15 am – wake up, get dressed
6:30 am – Bible and prayers
6:45 am – breakfast
7:15 am – morning chores

a) wash face
b) brush teeth
c) make beds
d) put laundry away
e) household chores
1) sweeping – Pat
2) vacuuming – Jake
3) laundry – Liz

7:45 am – station play
a) Jake – piano practice 15 mins
9:00 am – schooltime
10:30 am – morning snack
10:50 am – morning chores check
11:00 am – outside playtime
11:50 am – clean up, prepare for lunch
12:00 pm – lunch
12:45 pm – storytime
1:00 pm – quiet time
2:00 pm – wake up
2:15 pm – afternoon chores

a) make beds
b) put laundry away
c) behavior practice

3:00 pm – afternoon snack
3:20 pm – chore check
3:30 pm – outside playtime
4:00 pm – outdoor chores

a) sweeping walkways
b) weeding flowerbeds
c) garden work
1) weeding
2) watering
3) harvesting
d) empty compost
e) animal care
1) feed/water
2) collect eggs
3) clean pens

4:45 pm – clean up, prepare for dinner
5:00 pm – dinner
5:40 pm – evening chores
a) put laundry away
b) put toys/books away
c) set out clothes for next day

6:00 pm – bathtime
6:20 pm – bedtime preparation
6:30 pm – evening worship
7:00 pm – bedtime

Granted, as with all things children, chaos can ensue quickly. 😉  However, having a schedule in place can help get things back on track very quickly.  If we don’t take the time to put clothes away in the evening (say, if we had a surprise visitor for dinner), we have the opportunity to put them away the next morning, without too much piling up too quickly. This has been a Godsend in keeping the house picked up – with 6 people living in 850 square feet, it can be crazy quickly! 🙂  If a day gets away from you, keep in mind that you can always start anew the next day (or even in the next hour!  Stay the course – you WILL see a benefit.


Mama’s Daily Schedule


Seeing as how it is a new year, and I have been obviously taking a leave of absence from posting here, I thought I would share my current schedule. I have been needing a more formal schedule for myself, mostly due to the 4 children who are keeping me busy! 🙂  It still astonishes me how much we can all accomplish when we use our time wisely.

Momma’s Daily Schedule

5:00 am – Katie early morning feeding
5:30 am – personal preparation
5:50 am – Bible and prayers
6:15 am – get children up
6:30 am – make breakfast
6:45 am – breakfast
7:15 am – clean up breakfast/start dishes
7:45 am – daily meal preparation
8:15 am – Katie morning feeding
8:30 am – school preparation
9:00 am – schooltime
10:30 am – morning snack
10:45 am – clean up snack, lunch prep.
10:55 am – chore check
11:00 am – outside playtime

a) sweep porch/sidewalks
b) switch laundry/fold

11:30 am – Katie midmorning feeding
11:50 am – clean up, prepare for lunch
12:00 pm – lunch
12:30 pm – clean up lunch/dishes
12:45 pm – storytime
1:00 pm – quiet time

a) switch laundry/fold
b) nap/nurse, 20 mins
c) internet/computer work

2:00 pm – children up
2:15 pm – afternoon chores

a) clothes away
b) behavior practice
c) switch laundry/fold

3:00 pm – afternoon snack
3:15 pm – clean up snack, dinner prep
3:45 pm – Katie mid-afternoon feeding
4:00 pm – monitor outdoor chores
4:45 pm – clean up, prepare for dinner
Brian home from work
5:00 pm – dinner
5:40 pm – clean up dinner/dishes
6:00 pm – children’s bathtimes
6:30 pm – evening worship
7:00 pm – children’s bedtime
Katie evening feeding
7:30 pm – next day meal preparations
8:00 pm – internet/computer work
8:30 pm – quiet time with Brian
9:00 pm – bed

Now, lest you think I am some kind of crazy supermom, please keep in mind that this isn’t something I arbitrarily came up with.  I wrote down the flow of our days for over a week before writing this out.  This comes from “real life”, not something that I came up with to have a boot camp style life at home.  May I encourage you to write your days out, and see where you’ve lacked direction, motivation, or just energy, so that you can also find a way to get the most from YOUR life!

Happy Independence Day!

Oh! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
Between their loved home and the war’s desolation!
Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.”
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Francis Scott Key
final verse of the Star Spangled Banner

Menu for June 19th – 25th

We’re celebrating Father’s Day today – although it’s ending up to be a Father’s Day without our Daddy! He’s volunteering his time today to help some folks out who need mechanic work done, and the entire project looks to take the entire day! 😦   We’ll have to make it up for him another day this week.

Tonight is also our 3rd night of VBS (at my parent’s church), and the kids are loving the awesome blessing of sharing Jesus with others.

This Friday is my father’s 57th birthday, too! We’ll be celebrating at my sister’s house after church on Sabbath.


Father’s Day pancake breakfast at the Farm
lunch out to eat
dinner: steaks, artichokes, rice pilaf, salad

breakfast: French toast, blackberry compote
lunch at Nourishing Connections swim day
dinner: sausage rolls, sauerkraut

breakfast: oatmeal w/peach & nectarine sweet chutney
lunch: pasta bake w/Italian vegetables
dinner: beef roast w/carrots, green beans, salad

breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon
lunch: tacos w/l.o. roast
dinner: bbq sandwiches (use l.o. roast), pickles, salad

breakfast: oatmeal w/blackberry compote
lunch: pastrami & cheddar sandwiches, sauerkraut
dinner: grilled bbq brisket, baked beans, coleslaw

breakfast: fried potatoes, eggs
lunch: l.o. bbq brisket & beans, coleslaw
dinner: split pea soup, salad

breakfast: waffles w/peach & berry compote
Papa’s birthday lunch at the Jessen Ranch
dinner: popcorn, fruit