Finding time in our days…

First of all, as I’m sure you know, there isn’t one perfect way to do things, just as there are no perfect Mamas trying to do them! 🙂

Here’s what has worked significantly well for our family:

1) Start your day early. This was (and is) the hardest part of making our lives “work”.  It’s also the only way I can start my day on the right foot – with time spent in prayer.  When I am up earlier than everyone else it lets me center my thoughts on the tasks ahead, and I can really tell I need more “prayer support” on the days I skip my devotions.  This also gives me time to do blogging, make my lists, and take lots of time to drink a (hot!) cup of tea. 🙂  If you don’t have a personal relationship with Christ, I still encourage you to get up early, and take the time to think through your day – just enjoying the quiet can help make your day better!

2) Schedule. It’s like a miracle. Really. Children thrive on routine – it helps them feel in control of their day, and it helps Momma to feel like there’s a SMIDGEN of sanity in the household.  You can take a look at our latest daily schedule here.  This is printed out (minus my explanations in blue) and posted on the fridge in plain sight, along with my menu, and kitchen & household preparation schedules.  Lest you feel as overwhelmed as I did when I was first starting to “plan”, let me just say that some days our day starts at 9 a.m., and others much earlier.  But no matter what time we start (and I do try to follow the timing fairly closely), our day does follow the same routine.  I also plan our errands, appointments, and anything else “out of the house” for the same day.  It makes it crazy, but only for that one day.  This saves on my time, our gas money, and everyone’s patience!

3) Make the most of the time you have. For me, that means avoiding blogs, Facebook, and phone/text messages until set times of the day. Easier said than done in today’s “instant gratification” society, but well-worth the effort!

4) Be assured that “This too, shall pass.”  It’s so easy to get bogged down in the minute by minute drama that seems to accompany children. Don’t let it get you down!  Even if you don’t soak the flour you wanted for that “healthy, nourishing” pancake breakfast, keep in mind – scrambled eggs with butter and salt are nourishing too. 🙂  Once you get in the habit of doing things (again, with a routine/schedule), it makes your day flow much more smoothly.

I hope this helps! All of you lovely ladies who have written to me over the last few months wanting to know more – please know you are daily in my prayers.
May the Lord God, whom we continually serve,
Grant Us Peace.


One thought on “Finding time in our days…

  1. I agree, just found this blog via another.. I am not Christian but the early morning peace to meditate, plan and drink hot tea is golden! And, five chidren later, I find that schedules really really help calm and soothe everyone… The problem is I’m not a natural early riser or a natural scheduler, so it’s all work in progress!!

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