Menu for September 15th – 21st


breakfast: baked oatmeal w/pears & cinnamon, vanilla milkshakes
lunch: l.o. soup (from Friday night), bread
dinner: slowcooker pork roast, sweet potatoes, avocado & pineapple salad

breakfast: l.o. sweet potatoes, tea boiled eggs, pear chutney
lunch: l.o. pork, coconut rice, l.o. salad
dinner: mexican shrimp, cumin roasted carrots, salad

breakfast: fried rice w/veggies & l.o. shrimp, kimchi
lunch: lentil soup w/l.o. cumin carrots, sourdough crackers, salad
dinner: swiss steak, green beans, salad

breakfast: cornmeal porridge, sausage, pear chutney
lunch: watermelon gazpacho, cheese & meat platter
dinner: beef stew, sourdough bread, green salad

breakfast: scrambled eggs w/sauerkraut, sourdough toast
lunch: l.o. beef stew, sourdough bread, salad
dinner: baked salmon, butternut squash, creamed spinach

breakfast: crockpot grains w/plum sauce, bacon
lunch: salmon patties (use l.o.), green salad
dinner: vegetable soup (w/kale, potatoes, turnips & carrots), cornmeal biscuits, salad

breakfast: egg & biscuit sandwiches, fruit
lunch: at Scottish Games in Kearney Park
dinner: popcorn & autumn fruit salad


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