Mama’s Daily Schedule


Seeing as how it is a new year, and I have been obviously taking a leave of absence from posting here, I thought I would share my current schedule. I have been needing a more formal schedule for myself, mostly due to the 4 children who are keeping me busy! 🙂  It still astonishes me how much we can all accomplish when we use our time wisely.

Momma’s Daily Schedule

5:00 am – Katie early morning feeding
5:30 am – personal preparation
5:50 am – Bible and prayers
6:15 am – get children up
6:30 am – make breakfast
6:45 am – breakfast
7:15 am – clean up breakfast/start dishes
7:45 am – daily meal preparation
8:15 am – Katie morning feeding
8:30 am – school preparation
9:00 am – schooltime
10:30 am – morning snack
10:45 am – clean up snack, lunch prep.
10:55 am – chore check
11:00 am – outside playtime

a) sweep porch/sidewalks
b) switch laundry/fold

11:30 am – Katie midmorning feeding
11:50 am – clean up, prepare for lunch
12:00 pm – lunch
12:30 pm – clean up lunch/dishes
12:45 pm – storytime
1:00 pm – quiet time

a) switch laundry/fold
b) nap/nurse, 20 mins
c) internet/computer work

2:00 pm – children up
2:15 pm – afternoon chores

a) clothes away
b) behavior practice
c) switch laundry/fold

3:00 pm – afternoon snack
3:15 pm – clean up snack, dinner prep
3:45 pm – Katie mid-afternoon feeding
4:00 pm – monitor outdoor chores
4:45 pm – clean up, prepare for dinner
Brian home from work
5:00 pm – dinner
5:40 pm – clean up dinner/dishes
6:00 pm – children’s bathtimes
6:30 pm – evening worship
7:00 pm – children’s bedtime
Katie evening feeding
7:30 pm – next day meal preparations
8:00 pm – internet/computer work
8:30 pm – quiet time with Brian
9:00 pm – bed

Now, lest you think I am some kind of crazy supermom, please keep in mind that this isn’t something I arbitrarily came up with.  I wrote down the flow of our days for over a week before writing this out.  This comes from “real life”, not something that I came up with to have a boot camp style life at home.  May I encourage you to write your days out, and see where you’ve lacked direction, motivation, or just energy, so that you can also find a way to get the most from YOUR life!


2 thoughts on “Mama’s Daily Schedule

  1. Your schedule is much like ours was when the children were young. May the Lord bless your days and the time you spend with them. Also, remember that time crying out to God is invaluable to keep us humble and focused on the really important things! May the Lord bless and keep you and yours to His great glory! Keep up the good work, dear Mama 🙂

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